Creepy Rail Road - Moment in Time

WALT write a moment in time.

Creepy Rail Road

I see the rail road and lots of moss. I see a tunnel and the sun.

I feel the rocks crumbling and the moss oozing, I also see the rail road.

I hear creaking birds and also snakes, crickets and snapping.

I smell moss and old concrete, some more moss and also mossed rocks.

I taste moss and stinky air and the leaves flying passed.

How to play Minecraft

How to play Minecraft
Free writing 2017

So use your left joystick to move and your right joystick to look around. To jump you press A and to drop things you press B. To go into your inventory you press Y and to craft things with out a crafting table you press X

So to craft a sword you put 1 stick and 2 wood or gold or iron. I like diamonds the best. Why you must be thinking well let's just say it's the most strongest in the game and thats all I have to say about the basics.

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