writing goal

my writing goal is to use descriptive words

something i will do to achieve this is to get better in my writing like getting better with my spelling

visual art

Last week I created a collage showing a native forest habitat.
The three animals I chose were possums, stick insects and fantails.
The feature of my art I am most proud of are my animals because I think they look cool.

Writing goal

My writing goal is to put full stops and put more spaces between words and write on every second line.
Something I will do to achieve this is to read my writing out loud so I can hear where the full-stops need to go and add more spaces by using my finger between each word.

Reading- our class novel

As a class we read the novel Best Mate by Michael Morpurgo.

The best thing about this book was how Patrick saw Best Mate again but didn't recognise him.

A question I have for the author is why do you like animals so much?

I am feeling excited to start reading the BFG.